Emotional and Psychological Symptoms

Symptoms of depression in women

It is common for someone to hear someonesay that they are after having a bad day or a bad week. However, in medicalterms depression is a much more serious problem. Those who suffer fromdepression tend to have a sad feeling for long periods of time, usually severalweeks or months. Women are at more risk of getting depression. As a matter offact the cases of depression that have been recorded are alarmingly higher thanthose of men. The good news is that depression can be identified early andtreated accordingly to avoid irreparable damage. The symptoms of depression inwomen can be classified into four major categories. These are: the change inbehavior, change in feelings, and change in thoughts and physical changes. 

Behavioral symptoms of depression

Emotional and Psychological Symptoms

Depression causes a change in the behaviorof the patients. These symptoms vary in frequency and intensity from one personto another. A person suffering from depression can withdraw from hanging out withother people and prefer to stay alone. If the individual in question goes toschool or to work they suddenly lose interest in those activities and startskipping classes or stop reporting to work. Patients also cease interactingwith close family and friends and stop doing activities that they deemedinteresting before. Their concentration levels drastically reduce and some eventurn to alcohol and drugs to seek solace. If you notice any of these behavioralchanges in an individual, they might be suffering from depression.

Change in thoughts when suffering fromdepression

Knowing what a person thinks can bedifficult at times but in most cases, people tend to blurt out what they arethinking. It starts with thinking that you are a failure and that you are thecause of everything that goes wrong in your life. is your fault. Thinking thatyou are worthless and that other people would be better off without you is nota good sign. These changes in thought are a sign of depression. In extremecases, women suffering from depression even think about committing suicide.Women suffering from postpartum depression might think of killing theirchildren as a result of their depression.

Symptoms of depression associated withfeelings

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A woman suffering from depression is alwaysmiserable, sad, frustrated, highly irritable, and indecisive and suffers from alow self-esteem. At times, patients are entirely out of control of theiremotions. If this state continues for extended periods of time, usually severalweeks, then they should seek medical attention.

Physical symptoms of depression

Depression can also be seen throughphysical symptoms. These include digestive disorders, fatigue, lack of energy,sleeplessness, headaches, chronic pain and rapid weight gain or weight loss. Treating these symptoms using regular medication such as pain killers normallydoesn’t work. This is because they are a manifestation of the underlyingproblem which is depression. Once the depression is controlled or treated, thephysical symptoms go away. 

Ifyou or a woman you know is suffering from these symptoms, seek medical adviceas soon as possible. This way, the patient will receive the treatment they needin good time thus avoiding any fatalities.

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