Causes of depression

Causes of depression

You wake up, feeling groggy and unmotivated. You know thereare a million and one things for you to do today, but for some reason, thisdraining feeling has sucked out your usual Interest in success and highperformance at work. In fact, don’t even want to go. Even more frightening, youdon’t even want to leave your bed; you prefer to sleep all day. What is thisawful, overwhelming feeling that has conquered you completely?

Most individualsrecognize this as depression, and millions of people suffer from the conditionacross the globe de. In the United States, it is the numberone disease sufferedfrom by housewives. Since the disease is so common and destroys so muchinternally, and certainly does not spread like a virus.

What are the causes of depression?

psychological causes

Causes of depression are several and varied. Individuals canbe genetically predisposed to depression if a close family member has alsosuffered from the disease. However, genetics is not the only reason for theissue. Individuals may also suffer from depression due to environmental causes.If an individual has a certain personality that conflicts with the currentenvironment, it can create a feeling of depression. Many housewives suffer fromthe disease because their lifestyle fits many of the environmental causes ofdepression. For instance, women who do not work are typically expected to puttheir children and husband ahead of their own needs, and many of them do.

Time is a method for depression?

Causes of depression

However, to create a good self-esteem, and individual stillneeds to have time to himself or herself. There is a stereotype about many proplrthat stay home, especially housewives; “Well, you don’t work, so you shouldhave plenty of time….” This basically belittles all of her contributions to thehousehold, which are many, and last all day long. These include cooking,cleaning, the responsibilities of the children, school, practices, runningfamily errands, etc. There is an old saying about housewives, somewhere buriedin the annals of time, “A man may work from sun to sun but a woman’s work isnever done.” Most people who suffer from depression are much like the housewifewho does not give herself enough personal time. She may not feel she deservesit. Another common individual that experiences depression is the workaholic, acommon trend in the United States, and that individual does not take enoughtime to himself or herself.

What more about depression?

Other environmental causes of depression include theindividual’s interactions with other people. For instance, if you find yourselfin an environment at work or at home where you are primarily put down and yourinteractions with others are so negative they leave you feeling back aboutyourself, it is unlikely you are getting the support you need to find your owncenter of personal motivation.

Therefore, primary causes of depression include geneticpredisposition as well as environmental structure. A major contribute is aperson simply not taking enough personal reflection alone time for hobbies, ordoing anything personal that individual enjoys. It is one thing to put otherpeople, and your job, ahead of yourself, but it is quite another to neverreward yourself with any personal time.

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