Home remedies for anxiety and depression

Natural antidepressants

Struggling depression naturally without medication, is not an easy task. Changes are needed in order to accomplish the mission. Medications are key in controlling depression and helping to overcome the symptoms, when using natural depression remedies it actually helps getting cured in a hassle free process. These changes would want the body to change the pattern of life it is living adequate exercise, sleep, a balanced diet, responsibilities and ambitions in life and taking steps to relax yourself.

Exercise a key Component

Exercise is one of the components which help in overcoming depression. Using your stairs without the lift or elevator will not come into the account of exercise rather we need to set a specific time for physical exercise say for about 30mins to 45 mins.It might be swimming,jogging,running,brisk walking. At this point of time when you dedicate yourself for any physical activity it is easy for you to overcome the depression as your fully into it and concentrate on yourself.

Home Remedies For Depression Healthy Balanced Diet

Lot of people might wonder whether our eating habit affects our health and overcoming depression but “Yes” would definitely be the answer. Fast foods, caffeine beverages, foods rich in carbohydrates, and sweets cause mood swings and changes. The above eatables cause a drastic change and change the metabolism of the body and naturally lead to big problems and also make the depression cases worse. As they really taste good it may be hard at the early stage but after a while it might become a practice. Coffee and other beverages rich in caffeine should be absolutely avoided. Leafy fresh veggies, salads, juices, raw fruits, lean meat, fish can be richly taken with the adequate proportion. And adequate sleep is required so that your body does not ask for caffeine beverages. Check this blog.


Setting small goals that can be easily met is a great way to make yourself feel that you have accomplished something. For example, learning a new recipe and making it tasty, stitching beautiful embroidery on your plain kurtha, creating a brand new design for your home. All these might have been something which you have longed to do setting a timeline and at the end of the day when you complete that before hand and receive compliments then you get the sense of accomplishment and feel relaxed about yourself by doing it that keeps you going and creates and makes you to do many many more things in life which makes you and others happy .

Roles & Responsibilities

At this point of time it’s really hard to give time for your regular roles and responsibilities at work as it might take some time to concentrate in it wholeheartedly. You can do it in two different ways one you can absolutely concentrate much more in work as it deviates your personal stuff or if you feel you need to take a break off then just do it and chill out for a holiday with your favourite person to overcome this.

Relax Yourself

Relaxing is one of the most important aspects that has to be taken care. Spend some quality time with family, Prayers meditation and other spiritual related things give a big sense of relief .Listening to a guzzle, a beautiful rendition by your favourite singer, reading your favourite book can actually  make you relax but this has to be given time to see the real results which comes out of it.

Your Sleep patterns

Sleep is very important which actually refreshes one’s mind when they wake up next morning so an adequate sleep say for 8 hours is very much required but when you suffer from depression you would want more sleep which cannot be taken at a stretch but by small naps. At times you don’t get enough sleep at the time of depression instead of taking pills you can go for foods which makes you to sleep like milk, tea or other practices like shutting the windows and making it pitch dark or watching a long movie which would make you sleep.Supplements like Omega Fatty Acids,Folic Acids and other vitamins and minerals actually helps you to overcome the depression easily.Its also equally important to take a multivitamin supplement to overcome depression without going for strong drugs prescribed by the doctors.

Reading this alone will not help anything in action has to be taken to fetch results.